9 Steps to open a foreign company in Brazil

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Brazilian laws are already a problem for the natives themselves, let alone for foreigners. This is why it is important to work with good professionals, especially lawyers and accountants, so that the operations are not wrongfully carried out and end up creating future contingency if it happens.

How to deal with the Brazilian laws?

For a foreign company to establish itself in Brazil, it must know the laws of our country, like it is happens with any other country where one wants to open a venture.


As we have already said, both the corporate constitution and the labor laws are quite complex and keep constantly changing, which makes them look like an alphabet soup.


The most assertive and secure solution for achieving your purpose is to quickly and safely look for the services of companies specialized in accounting and legal consulting.


Below are some things that are essentially needed in order to open a foreign company in Brazil:

Step 1 - CNPJ [Corporate Taxpayer Registration Number] and/or CPF [Individual Taxpayer Registration Number] of the foreign partners;

Step 2 - Power of Attorney;

Step 3 - Certifying the authenticity of documents in a foreign language;

Step 4 - Sworn translation of all foreign documents;

Step 5 - Registration of sworn translations in a Registry Office;

Step 6 - Articles of Association/Incorporation of the Brazilian company;

Step 7 - Registration with the Trade Board and obtention of the CNPJ;

Step 8 - Obtaining the Society's Digital Certificate;

Step 9 - Opening a Bank Account;

And more about it.